Offering Homeownership Solutions
Castle Peak Capital Advisors, LLC

Castle Peak Capital Advisors, LLC, formed in 2007 is an asset management company investing primarily in residential mortgage whole loans, most of which are in some state of delinquency.  We create appropriate housing solutions through asset management of residential whole loans and their related securities.

Our goal is to provide homeownership solutions where feasible while generating attractive investment returns for our investors and providing liquidity and/or asset management capabilities to sellers of these assets.  Where feasible, we strive to preserve homeownership by working with mortgage servicers to design appropriate loan level solutions that are helpful to borrowers.  We seek to understand their circumstances and create appropriate, sustainable housing solutions.

We manage portfolios of residential whole loans and mortgage backed securities.  Our asset management capabilities involve providing valuations and forecasts that are then used to measure our ongoing performance and that of our third party servicers against initial expectations, updating our outlook on a monthly basis.

We are committed to working with our investors, holders of mortgage assets, mortgage servicers and homeowners with honesty, integrity and openness creating trust and meaningful solutions for all our partners.

12 South Sixth Street, Suite 950, Minneapolis, MN 55402 | 612.376.1570 | Legal Notice | © 2015 Castle Peak Capital Advisors, LLC
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